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Defensive Tactics For Home And Personal Protection

We all have a front-row seat for watching crime trends grow or decline. An area of increasing concern is the occupied home invasion, which can be defined as an incident where the house is occupied by the family or owner and they are confronted with an imminent and potentially lethal threat by an intruder(s). In recent years, the occurrence of these violent encounters inside the home has been increasing and this growing concern has prompted a surge of new gun owners, who intend to keep that newly purchased firearm for the primary purpose of home defense. There is a void in the training industry regarding this type of incident and we are here to bridge the gap.

● Our Range is completely private and open, where students and instructors can utilize the facility with ability to move. It is not a lane in the public range, it is a private 100’ long tactical range with no lane dividers.

● Our Laser Simulator utilizes real pistols converted with laser technology allowing to train speed, accuracy, tactics. It is a great addition to our overall training curriculum.

Prerequisite: We suggest participants take part in Basic/Intermediate firearm courses we offer including low light and movement classes.

Course Outline:

● Classroom time for the fundamentals in home defense

● Scenario based training in our realistic laser trainer

● Live range practice

Duration: 1 hour

Tuition: $100 private