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Intermediate Defensive Shotgun

The intent of this class is to provide hands on experience through practical exercises to safely handle shotgun. We provide training necessary to give individuals both the operating expertise as well as the confidence necessary to effectively use of one of the most powerful weapons available to them. Learn to understand the characteristics of buckshot, bird-shot, and slugs.

Prerequisite: Basic Defensive Shotgun

Course Outline:

  • 4 universal safety rules
  • Shotgun knowledge and safe handling
  • Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of shotgun shooting
  • Shotgun and shooting skills practical exercise
  • Controlling and consistency of motion
  • Loading, unloading, reloading, downloading and press checking
  • Introduction to shooting while moving
  • One handed and support hand shooting
  • Transferring the weapon between hands
  • Kneeling and squatting position

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $100 private