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Precision Scoped Rifle

This course is designed for responsible citizens as well as the armed professionals who want to learn the proper use and handling of the precision scoped rifle and associated equipment. Instruction begins in the classroom with an understanding of equipment selection and setup followed by ammunition selection and internal, external, and terminal ballistics review. Range instruction focuses on fundamental marksmanship skills including alternative shooting positions, zeroing a rifle, grouping and scope tracking. Live fire exercises and function drills are designed to test the soundness of the rifle/optic combo in field conditions. Students will practice engaging paper and steel targets out to 500 yards using a mix of improvised positions. The course concludes with a preventative maintenance and equipment care session.

  • Our Range is completely private and open, where students and instructors can utilize the facility with ability to move. It is not a lane in the public range, it is a private 100’ long tactical range with no lane dividers.

Prerequisite: Although this is an entry level course we strongly recommend completion of Basic Defensive Practical Rifle prior to taking this course.

Part 1 Course Outline:
  • Responsible firearms ownership and applications of the precision hunting rifle
  • Firearms safety that works – in the home, workplace, vehicle, in training, and in carry
  • Selection of a precision scoped rifle system and accessories
  • Selection of ammunition
  • Rifle ballistics – interior, exterior, and terminal
  • Administrative handling and operation
  • Foundation shooting techniques – scoped rifle fundamentals
  • Carry conditions and uses of the sling
  • Preventative maintenance session – cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $50 group / $100 private

Part 2 Course Outline:

  • Zeroing and grouping at various distances
  • Precision shooting drills
  • Improvised shooting positions
  • Field shooting exercises to 100 yards

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $100 private