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Shooting In The Dark

A very high percentage of violent encounters happens in the dark or very low light situations. Ability to effectively deploy your firearm in the low light or dark environment is crucial to the ability to defend oneself. Knowing how to operate with a flashlight is certainly necessary; whether it is firearm mounted or a handheld light.

  • Our Range is completely private and open, where students and instructors can utilize the facility with ability to move. It is not a lane in the public range, it is a private 100’ long tactical range with no lane dividers.

Prerequisite: Completion of Basic Defensive Pistol is strongly recommended prior to registration. Students can test out of basic courses based on their ability to demonstrate proficient handling of the firearm.

Course Outline:

  • Different lighting conditions
  • Judging distances
  • Handheld light
  • Mounted flashlight technics
  • Light on and off for cover
  • Flashing and moving
  • Drawing from the concealment

Duration: 2 hrs
Tuition: $125 group / $200 private