West Palm Beach, FL 33401 1016 Clare Ave #1

Advanced Defensive Pistol

The objective is for the students to learn how to use firearms to the best tactical advantage at expert levels. This fast paced course concentrates on surviving a deadly force encounter while armed with a handgun. During a brief assessment by instructor students are expected to show proficiency with basic handgun skills, safety and shooting drills.

  • Our Range is completely private and open, where students and instructors can utilize the facility with ability to move. It is not a lane in the public range, it is a private 100’ long tactical range with no lane dividers.

Prerequisite: Completion of Basic and/or Intermediate Defensive Pistol is strongly recommended prior to registration. Students can test out of basic courses based on their ability to demonstrate proficient handling of the firearm.

Part 1 Course Outline:

  • Close contact
  • Review of tactical communication, searching and scanning
  • Dealing with multiple threats
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Shooting around barricades
  • Shooting on the move
  • Room and house clearing
  • Clearing malfunctions while on the move

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $50 group / $100 private

Part 2 Course Outline:

  • Malfunctions and reloads with firing hand only
  • Malfunctions and reloads with support hand only
  • Shooting drills firing hand only
  • Shooting drills support hand only
  • Low light shooting and flashlight techniques
  • Difficult and non-standard shooting positions
  • Moving targets
  • Live fire shooting scenarios
  • Shoot/no shoot drills

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $100 private