Shooting Range

Practice At Our Private Facility Until You Can’t Get it Wrong!

We want to encourage people to train and practice and as such our facility is for training purposes only. Our range is completely open without any lane dividers to allow a full view for the instructor. Students allowed unobstructed movement, drawing from the holster or other concealment. We employ barricades and encourage to change shooting positions. Guns and Range Training Center is offering a different product and different set of values. Everything we do is a part of teaching process for first timers as well as seasoned shooters. Our trainers can accommodate any level of expertise. Please visit our school and book classes for a complete no compromise training experience.


Laser Simulator is a great addition to our wide selection of firearms and awareness training curriculum. This industry-unique training system is used by military, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. At Security Training School we offer Laser Training Simulator as a part of our training for everyone to use for practice.

Firearms Training Simulator with Virtual Targetry allows to simulate live fire with unique modification to firearms. It also allows to simulate Live Fire Facilities including 360° Shoot Houses and Firing Ranges.  It does not replace an actual practice at the firing range but adds tremendous value to an overall training curriculum.

Our 600 scenarios allow students to learn how to behave in all types of situations.