Intermediate Defensive Practical Rifle

This is a comprehensive course in the practical use of the rifle that will leave a person with the comforting ability to hit what they can see. This course is a perfect rifle tune-up prior to taking more advanced courses or to simply getting back to the foundation of semi-automatic rifle training. After zeroing the rifle shooters are guided through manipulation drills and range time designed to increase comfort level and develop a solid skill base with the modern long gun.

Prerequisite: Basic Defensive Practical Rifle

Course Outline:

  • Universal safety rules review
  • Loading and unloading
  • Ready positions and shooting stance
  • Grip and stance
  • Sight alignment
  • Sight picture
  • Trigger control
  • Speed vs accuracy
  • How to read your target
  • Rifle selection and support equipment review
  • Rifle manipulation skills
  • Zeroing procedures (iron sights and red dots)
  • Static shooting position drills
  • Bilateral rifle manipulations
  • Practical application drills

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $100 private