Combative: Unarmed And Aware

Through this course students learn how to be aware of their surroundings, what it means to be alert and how to prevent being caught off guard. It incorporates laser simulator training to teach students about properly responding to different situations.

Prerequisite: None

We all inherently possess the tools needed to perform many sudden movements that will greatly increase likelihood of surviving a violent encounter regardless of physical conditioning, age or skill level. Through basic mechanics students are shown through repeated drills how to escape common grapples which an aggressor may present. Examples include dissolving from headlocks, chokes, grabs and how to escape while being straddled on the ground by a larger opponent (escaping ‘ground and pound’). Pressure points techniques that allow to fend off a larger and stronger opponent are also covered. Each student is closely watched to ensure proper form is absorbed into muscle memory. By the end of this course students will be able to perform several basic escapes.

This course is offered in different levels: from basic to more advanced. Protection from the edged weapons is being covered in the more advanced sessions.

Duration: 1 hr
Tuition: $50 group / $100 private